Due Dates and Links

PREP Presentations will be on April 5th, 2023

  1. Career Interest & Parental Consent Form Due October 21st
  2. PREP Mentor Agreement Due October 21st
  3. Resume – Resume TemplateGuide to Creating a Better Resume Due October 28th
  4. Letter of Interest/ – Cover Letter Template – Cover Letter Instructional SlidesExample of Letter of Interest OutlineExample Letter High School Due November 14th
  5. Job Application How to blackout sensitive information December 4th
  6. College/Military/Trade School Application Due December 12th
  7. 2-Career Explorations – Career Explorations Video (start at 1:15-8:14 for instructions) – Career Exploration Outline Due February 10th
  8. 2 Letters of Recommendation Due February 24th
  9. FAFSA or CADAA Application – Step by Step Instructions to Complete FAFSAStep by Step Instructions to Complete CADAA  How to blackout sensitive information Due March 3rd
  10. Mentor Interview Guide – Guided Questions Due March 3rd
  11. Career Presentation Example Due March 10th
  12. Reflective Summary Instructions Due March 17th
  13. PREP Folder Uploaded through Google Drive Due March 29th
  14. PREP Presentation April 5th

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